The Play Space Qualifier
Team Rankings

RankTeam #Team NameQPRPHighestMatches
21152749ers STEM Leadership Institute, The Shovels899555
47641M-SET Betta Fish6126755
61152149ers STEM Leadership Institute, VorTechs6116705
712009Terminal Ferocity5176705
91151649ers STEM Leadership Institute, Evolution Robotics5118705
1011363Silent Bot Deadly582565
119727Armored Patriots4115455
121155049ers STEM Leadership Institute, Java Seals4101805
1310434Negative Kelvin2124505
1510320FaZe Robotics2105465

QP (Total Qualification Points) - 2 Points for a WIN, 1 Point for a TIE, 0 Points for a LOSS.

RP (Total Ranking Points) - Ranking points are awarded using the losing alliance's score in each match.

Highest (Highest Match Score) - The highest match score awarded to the team.

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